Practice Areas

Employment Law

Employment law covers all rights and obligations between employers and employees and includes current employees, job applicants, and former employees. Attorney Paul B. Justi is experienced in negotiating, mediating, and litigating agreements and disputes across the entire spectrum. His counsel ensures knowledge of the constantly changing statutes and laws governing this complex practice area and a personalized approach to your needs. This practice area includes discrimination based on age , race and other factors, wrongful termination, sexual harassment, wage issues and others as well as work agreements between employees and employers. For more information regarding strong representation from an experienced employment law attorney, call (925) 256-7900 or click here

Personal Injury & Wrongful Death

With any personal injury, wrongful death or medical malpractice claim, it’s critical to have knowledgeable counsel to establish liability, determine the real value, and outline a strategy that fits the specifics of each case. This can be quite complicated. Personal injury attorney Paul B. Justi has decades of experience in evaluating relevant factors, collecting medical evidence, and deftly handling all aspects of the process from the initial filing through settlement or litigation. The practice area of personal injury/medical malpractice covers a large spectrum of claims. For any questions you might have and to speak with a dedicated personal injury attorney call (925) 256-7900. For more information regarding this practice area, click here

Real Estate Law

In any of your real estate law needs, transactional or litigation, Paul B. Justi offers objective, experienced representation in real estate purchases, sales, and leases of both residential and commercial properties. From the review of contracts to closing, Paul B. Justi will have your best interests in mind to ensure that your rights and finances are protected at each juncture. Oversights during real estate transactions and development can be costly. Having the counsel of knowledgeable legal representation can help to avoid liability and conflict. If litigation should arise in any real estate matter, Paul B. Justi brings experience and resolve to protect your rights and property. For any questions regarding real estate law, call Paul B. Justi at (925) 256-7900 or click here

Business Law

Making legal decisions in business without qualified counsel can result in added costs, liability, tax problems, and litigation expenses down the road. Attorney Paul B Justi brings more than 25 years of legal experience to any of your business needs, from formation of limited liability companies, partnerships, corporations, and other business entities to lawsuits and legal disputes your business might face. To speak with a qualified business law attorney, call (925) 256-7900. Click here for more information regarding our business law services…

Insurance Claims & Bad Faith

If your insurance company is acting in “bad faith” by delaying or denying your claim, contact Paul B. Justi immediately. You have paid the premium and deserve fair compensation. Facing a large insurance company alone can be an uphill battle. It’s important to us that your rights are upheld. Call (925) 256-7900 for a free consultation by an experienced insurance claims attorney. For more information regarding how we can help you, click here